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Matt Gauthier Invents A New Catch: Moon Dog

At some point, Matt Gauthier imagined a new move: a cartwheel behind the head catch. He shared the idea with Jake Gauthier and me as we drove from Portland to Seattle on July 3 for Potlatch. Two hours later, he walked onto Green Lake’s fields and hit it. This video is the 2nd or 3rd Moon Dog ever:

The next day (and the day after), Matt caught Moon Dog in competition as part of his routine with Todd Brodeur.

There is a sequel, named before Matt caught the first Moon Dog.

The Hardest Moon Dog.

Matt doesn’t feel ready to try it. Yet.

The Multicopter Jam

Ron Lampman and his multicopter stumbled on a Labor Day jam at Ocean Shores featuring Lisa Hunrichs, Matt Gauthier, Jake Gauthier, Ryan Young, Johnny Trevino and Mike Galloupe. Aerial footage!

2013 Potlatch Freestyle

2013 Potlatch Freestyle
Seattle, WA
July 6, 2013

2.5 Minute Open Pairs Finals.
1. Randy Silvey/James Wiseman (2359)
2. Ryan Young/Matt Gauthier (2054)
3. Larry Imperiale/Patt Marron (2003)
4. Glen Whitlock/Jake Gauthier (1849)
5. Mike Galloupe/Johnny Trevino (1442)
6. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary (1417)
7. Irena Kulisanova/Char Powell (1371)
8. Emma Kahle/Mary Lowry (1254)

Open Pairs Semifinal A
1. Randy Silvey/James Wiseman (1931)
2. Irena Kulisanova/Char Powell (1448)
3. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary (1440)
4. Mike Galloupe/Johnny Trevino (1130)
5. Tony Pellicane/Lori Daniels (960)
6. Jay Moldenhauer/Stephanie Chan (925)
7. Rico Schneider/Bill Wright (923)

Open Pairs Semifinal B
1. Larry Imperiale/Pat Marron (2284)
2. Ryan Young/Matt Gauthier (1991)
3. Glen Whitlock/Jake Gauthier (1976)
4. Emma Kahle/Mary Lowry (1442)
5. Dan Yarnell/Chuck Richard (963)
6. John Titcomb/Neil Toland (905)