FPAW 1988: Incredible Video Treasure Chest

Stefan Karlsson and Rob Fried opened up their archives this month and treated us to hours of video from the 1988 FPA World Championships in Santa Barbara. Aside from the privilege of seeing legends like Chip Bell and Joey Hudoklin at arguably the peaks of their game, we get a chance to see some magical freestyle from the late Mika Nordman, the mythical Hal Erickson and Konn Cummings plus many others. FPAW 1988 is notable as Dave Murphy’s first world championships, and it looks like he came mighty close to winning the co-op title (with Dave Schiller and Joel Rogers) in his first try.

The 1988 FPA World Champions

Open Pairs: Chip Bell/Joey Hudoklin
Open Co-op: Larry Imperiale/Skippy Jammer/Tom Leitner
Women’s Pairs: Stacy Anderson/Carolyn Yabe
Mixed Pairs: Kate Dow/Dave Schiller

Videos from Stefan Karlsson


Mike Cloud made a great observation on Facebook about these jams: “In many ways its more informative to watch the masters warming up, than to watch their tournament routines.” So true.

Joey Hudoklin, Bob Coleman, Dave Schiller, Ritchie Smitz, Randy Silvey
Joey Hudoklin, Rick Castiglia
Joey Hudoklin, Konn Cummings, Adrian Wainwright , Ritchie Smits, Jamie Chantiles
Joey Hudoklin, Chip Bell, Dave Zeff
Joey Hudoklin, Mike Nordman, Chip Bell

Open Pairs Final

1. Chip Bell/Joey Hudoklin
(remaining order of finish not known)
Skippy Jammer/Tom Leitner
Doug Branigan/Rick Castiglia
Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright
Craig Burris/Mike Connaway
Tristan Doshier/Steve Hanes
Ritchie Smits/Dave Zeff
Bob Coleman/Dave Schiller

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Bayou Blasters: 4 FPA Worlds Pairs Titles in a Row

From 1983 to 1986 Jim Benson and Deaton Mitchell were the FPA Worlds Open Pairs champions, setting the record at four consecutive wins in Open Pairs. It’s an achievement that has yet to be equaled. Based on the FPA Worlds winners list at freestyle-frisbee.com, the closest anyone has come seems to be Dave Lewis and I with three wins and a second place over four years (1st-2nd-1st-1st). Tom Leitner has a crazy streak of three titles, three second places and a fourth place between 2003 and 2009 (2nd-2nd-1st-2nd-4th-1st-1st). Joey Hudoklin, Skippy Jammer, Dan Yarnell, Dave Schiller, Matt Gauthier, Jake Gauthier and Matteo Gaddoni have all won two titles within four years.

So many variables have to fall into place for this record beyond being a great player. No ill-timed injuries or illness. A consistently high level of competition play. No other teams having career performances in the finals. Judges appreciating your play. No random puffs of wind at unfortunate times. It makes the Blasters’ four year run even more amazing.

Videos three of their four wins are now available on YouTube. Enjoy the dominance.

Win #2: 1984

Win #3: 1985

Win #4: 1986

The fourpeat. Oh, and it’s dropless too.

I’ll update this post when the video from 1983 surfaces.

2013 FPA World Championships – Final Results

Matt Gauthier, Lisa Hunrichs and Arthur Coddington all scored double wins on the final day of the 2013 FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz, California. The champions:

Women’s Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary
Open Pairs: Arthur Coddington/Jake Gauthier
Mixed Pairs: Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier
Open Co-op: Arthur Coddington/Matt Gauthier/Dave Murphy

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2013 FPA World Championships – Day 3 Results

The finalists in Open Co-op, Women’s Pairs and Open Pairs were determined on the third ay of the 2013 FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz, California.

The winners of the semifinal pools in Open Co-op were Larry Imperiale/Randy Silvey/Bill Wright and Jake Gauthier/Paul Kenny/Jeff O’Brien. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy St. Mary qualified first for the Women’s Pairs Final. The winners of the semifinal pools in Open Pairs were Claudio Cigna/Marco Prati and Matt Gauthier/James Wiseman. Complete results are below.

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