freestyle flying disc rankings - 2004 System Changes
updated February 27, 2006

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2006 Rankings System Changes

There will be two changes to the rankings system beginning in the 2006 competition year.

Change #1: Protected Regions

When the rankings first began, all national championships outside the U.S. were considered protected. They offered increased ranking points in recognition of the lack of tournament opportunities outside the U.S. The intention was that international players arrive at major championships without being at a rankings disadvantage, simply because of the region where they live.

Because there are so many countries in Europe and such a fired-up community of event organizers, European freestyle is in a completely different place than in 1993. With a fired-up community of event organizers and many national championships throughout the continent, there is actually a potential for the rankings to become imbalanced with an overload of 200-point events.

Change #1 addresses the development of the European tournament schedule. Beginning in January 2006, Europe graduates from having "protected status" to being the equal of North America when it comes to ranking points.

National championships in Europe will receive the same points as regular events - except they would be protected from points adjustments if attendance is less than 20 players.

National championships in South America, Asia and the Pacific will continue to enjoy protected status until their jam scene has grown enough to revisit the issue.

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