Video: Reto Zimmerman At The FPA Worlds

Two videos from the 2003 FPA Worlds, both featuring Switzerland’s Reto Zimmerman.

1. His pairs prelim (5.4meg, avi) with Sune Wentzel. Zimmerman and Wentzel won Pool B by more than 3 points with this performance and went on to finish seventh in pairs.

2. His co-op semifinal (9.9meg, avi) with Jeff Kruger and Toddy Brodeur. They finished third in their semifinal, only one tenth of a point out of second place. In the finals, they placed third.

(video courtesy of Fabio Sanna)

Video: Leitner Scorches The Co-op Semis At FPA Worlds Rimini

This is a video of the Co-Op semifinals at the 2003 FPA Worlds in which Tommy Leitner unleashes an amazing sequence of individual combos in a tough, SF Ocean Beach-style wind. Paul Kenny, Sune Wentzel and Tommy went on to win the world championships later that weekend. Enjoy the amazed play-by-play by Fabio and Stefano:

Sune Wentzel, Tommy Leitner and Paul Kenny (10mb, avi file)

(courtesy of Fabio Sanna)

If the video clip will not play in your browser, try downloading it to your hard drive and viewing it with a free program like VLC.

discue de rue

Spincollectif’s discue de rue video shows an exciting new direction for the sport – street freestyle. I’ve seen throws that bounce off buildings before, but this video takes street freestyle to the next level. Could the outlaw element of street freestyle attract young players who aren’t interested in learning delay skills?

Lewis/Coddington On Eurosport

In the summer of 2003, Eurosport’s WATTS show ran a three minute segment on freestyle, a music video featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the Nike commercial and jam footage of Dave Lewis and Arthur Coddington shot by Z Weyand. Edited to Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer” this music video style piece has aired several times and won a viewer poll for favorite WATTS segment.

See the video (RealMedia format)