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Matt Gauthier Invents A New Catch: Moon Dog

At some point, Matt Gauthier imagined a new move: a cartwheel behind the head catch. He shared the idea with Jake Gauthier and me as we drove from Portland to Seattle on July 3 for Potlatch. Two hours later, he walked onto Green Lake’s fields and hit it. This video is the 2nd or 3rd Moon Dog ever:

The next day (and the day after), Matt caught Moon Dog in competition as part of his routine with Todd Brodeur.

There is a sequel, named before Matt caught the first Moon Dog.

The Hardest Moon Dog.

Matt doesn’t feel ready to try it. Yet.

Trick Shot: Ball Meets Disc

Choppy48 on Instagram and Twitter user choppy48 shared this video. Is the disc hitting the ball, or is the ball hitting the disc? Love the caption – “I have no words for this other than lucky”. As with all trick shot videos, I’d love to know how many attempts it took. Whether it’s 1 or 1000, pure skill or pure luck, it’s still fun.

EDIT: Choppy48 reports on Twitter that this was attempt #23.