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User Account Change

Due to some recent attacks by spambots, I will be manually approving all new user accounts. If you’re not a spambot, this shouldn’t really impact you. If you experience a delay in the approval of your new account, contact me.

This is probably a good time to mention the community expectations of Shrednow. Basically, do what most Shrednow-ers do – treat people decently, be constructive when arguing and whenever possible have fun. It should go without saying that if you’re posting *censored* links, you are outside the community guidelines, even if you are an automated bot with no sentience.

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Site News: New Comment Policy

Last night, Shrednow was attacked by comment spammers who left more than 50 pornographic comments on stories throughout the site. I had set up anti-comment spam measures, but they did not fend off this defacement of our site. Therefore, I have decided that from now on, comments will only be accepted from logged-in users. It should be no problem for any legitimate visitor to Shrednow since accounts are so easy to set up, but it will set up one more barrier to those who would spam like this. The same will be true for link submissions – if you have a link of interest to the Shrednow community, you now must be logged in to add it the site.

Make Your Own Photo Album

Now, if you are logged in on Shrednow, you can create your own photo gallery by clicking on Photos then choosing new album.

Lui created a photo album for Davide Piras’s Paganello 2004 pictures:

Have fun sharing your freestyle-related photos and stories!

New Feature: Your Own Photo Gallery On Shrednow

I set up a photo gallery for everyone to play with: Group Show #1. It’s kind of like a group art show at a gallery – lots of artists showing their work in one place. Any logged-in member can add photos and caption them. If you don’t have a member account yet, it’s easy to set one up and it’s totally free. Have fun playing with it!

If you would like your own free photo album on shrednow, let me know and I’ll set one up for you. Make sure to include your username and a name for your gallery.

As soon as I figure out a bug in the photo program, everyone who is logged in will be able to set up their own photo albums.

You can upload image files as big as 150k to an album, and the site will automatically resize them into Shrednow-sized images and thumbnails for you and arrange them on a page. You can add captions and invite visitors to comment on photos and vote on the images they like the best. You can leave the settings as they are or do make lots of customized choices.

If you have always wanted to write a Shrednow story with pictures in it, having your photos on Shrednow will make that very easy. As always, contact me if you have any questions about how to do stuff.

I set up a small photo gallery of some of my FPAW2004 pictures.