Music Queries

Ive been rewatching some vids lately and I really enjoyed the 2007 FPAW routine in the finals with Dave Lewis and Pat Marron. Anyone know the song they are playing to? I really like it ))
you can watch the routine on Fabio’s website

Mysterious Names For Moves

I was looking around the internet and I’ve come across a situation a couple times….
They name a move.. and then no one has a definition for it.

So does anyone how to do the following three things?

1) China Syndrome
2) Alien Birth Ritual
3) Quasi-Alien Birth Ritual

Thanks to anyone that’s in the know!


I’m just getting started with freestyle, but I have been just throwing the disc around for awhile, and I am wondering…when I’m just throwin it with my friends we like to skip it but it gets the disc scratched so bad. So do people do that when they are at a freestyle competition or just jamming? Cause i have noticed some competitions are on like tennis courts and stuff.

Wanting info for nail kits

Hi everyone, I have seen the nail kit ads on the Shrednow site. I was wondering how they work. Can you make your own freestyle nails with them or do you apply an acrylic coating to build up your own nails? Does anyone use them and if so how effective are they?
Rawiri Walker (Jammer Down Under)