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Sandslash 2014


Open Pairs Final:

1.Jakub Hosek / Phil Kruger – EX:10.60 / AI:11.70 / DIF:15.13 – TOTAL: 38.53
2.Jan Sorensen / Thomas Notzel – EX:11.40 / AI:9.60 / DIF:15.34 – TOTAL: 36.54
3.Kolja Hanneman / Markus Hein – EX:11.00 / AI:10.00 / DIF:15.33 – TOTAL: 36.33
4.Graf Mordi / Benjamin Edelmann – EX:10.60 / AI:11.70 / DIF:12.70 – TOTAL: 35.00
5.Sasha Hohne / Jan Schrek – EX:11.20 / AI:10.90 / DIF:12.73 – TOTAL: 34.83
6.Bianca Strunz / Irena Kulisanova – EX:11.10 / AI:10.30 / DIF:12.76 – TOTAL: 34.16

Co-op Final:
1.Jan Sorensen / Jakub Hosek / Phil Kruger – EX:13.50 / AI:9.80 / DIF:13.7 – TOTAL: 37.00
2.Ilka Simon / Irena Kulisanova / Bianca Strunz – EX:13.00 / AI:8.00 / DIF:12.7 – TOTAL: 33.70
3.Kolja Hanemann / Markus Hein / Benjamin Edelmann – EX:11.40 / AI:7.40 / DIF:13.3 – TOTAL: 32.10
4.Konrad Patris / Michal Maciolek / Dawid Tomiak – EX:14.80 / AI:6.00 / DIF:10.8 – TOTAL: 31.60
5.Thomas Notzel / Tobi Burzan / Jan Schrek – EX:12.20 / AI:6.40 / DIF:12.3 – TOTAL: 30.90

Spirit of the Party and Jam: 
Jan Moller Sorensen
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2014 Butch Cassidy Cup

2014 Butch Cassidy Cup
Karlsruhe, Germany
August 30-31,2014

Fotos: Heinz Schmidt & Nadine Klos

Open Pairs Final

1. Sanna, Fabio / Pecchiari, Andrea (TOT 51.7 | EX 16.4 | AI 14.1 | DIF 21.2)
2. Leist, Alex / Lamred, Christian (TOT 50.9 | EX 16.6 | AI 14.9 | DIF 19.4)
3. Hosseinian, Mehrdad / Dittrich, Robert (TOT 50.1 | EX 16 | AI 13.7 | DIF 20.4)
4. Hess, Florian / Scherzinger, Sascha (TOT 50.1 | EX 14.8 | AI 15.7 | DIF 19.6)
5. Imazio, Eleonora / Bragagnolo, Anna (TOT 41.1 | EX 16.3 | AI 10.8 | DIF 14)
6. Faustini, Emanuele / Schwarz, Nico (TOT 40.1 | EX 13.2 | AI 9.5 | DIF 17.4)

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How To Cuff

Cuffing is an essential part of a strong wind game. It’s also a fun way to play with disc angle and a skill people can learn early in their freestyle experience. In this video, Jake Gauthier demonstrates how to cuff:

Check out the alternate version of this video, filmed on smartphone technology instead of Jake’s fancy video camera.

(via Jake’s article at Heinsville)

JAMpionsleague 4.0 Results

JAMpionsleague 4.0
Hat Tournament
April 26, 2014

1. Jan Zverina/Sophie Wolf
2. Benjamin Edelmann/Raphael von der Grün
3. Philipp Krüger/Udo Engeter
4. Ian Schwarz/Irena Kulisanova

Semi A
1. Benjamin Edelmann/Raphael von der Grün
2. Philipp Krüger/Udo Engeter
3. Daniel Weinbuch/Nico Schwarz
4. Chris Bellaj/Toby Künzel

Semi B
1. Jan Zverina/Sophie Wolf
2. Ian Schwarz/Irena Kulisanova
3. Freddy Finner/Katrin Schmeisser


New FPA Judging System Announcement

Dear FPA Members (Jammers),

What started almost 5 years ago has finally come to an end – the revision of the judging system. Freestyle Disc is a sport with many facets and passionate players each of whom have their own perspectives about how judging should work. This, together with a very detailed, thorough and democratic process (according to the FPA judging system changes process rules) and the fact that all members of the judging committee* are volunteers and come from different time-zones contributed to the long process time. I’m a bit sorry for that, but on the other hand I’m also convinced/proud of what we did and I hope that our hard work will result in an improved judging system that meets with the needs of competitive freestyle play. Be assured that we always tried to act in the best interest of the sport and that many decisions made were the best compromise between all numerous valid arguments presented to the committee as well as pragmatic considerations like financial, time and human resources at tournaments.

Based on your initial input in 2009 we had set three overarching goals the last of which we probably accomplished the least due to the many facets and complex nature of Freestyle Disc:

– Encourage diverse, risky and innovative styles of play;
– Make judging more fair;
– Make judging less demanding.

The new judging system will be active 6 weeks after publication/now, starting Monday the 19th March 2014. It will be implemented tentatively for 15 months from that point on. This means that after 15 months, all changes will be reviewed again and one-by-one accepted, dismissed or adapted. The FPA board will form a new committee for this. Please collect your feedback about the new system for the 15 month implementation time-period and share it when the FPA board asks you to do so (of course, you can start discussions anytime and anywhere before this, but then there’s no guarantee that your thoughts will be considered for the review in that case).

The hyperlinks below lead you to the new judging documents and explanations about them (I recommend to read the explanations first!). Please note that the format, numbering and wording of the documents (but not the content!) is still subject to changes until March the 19th. I wanted to post them quickly, so you can read them before Frisbeer in Prague and ask me questions there. The explanations are based on a proposal for changes to the previous judging system that the committee had published on in 2012. Jammers had the opportunity to give feedback to this, based on which the committee accepted, dismissed and fine-tuned their proposal. The results were then accepted by the FPA board (majority vote per item):

Explanations about the judging system changes, including:
1. Artistic Impression
2. Difficulty
3. Execution
4. The Bonuses
5. Crossing out high and low scores
6. Judging Education

All explanations as a PDF file

The new judging documents:
Judging system manual (PDF)
Judging sheets (XLS)
Variety checklist (PDF)
Difficulty mp3 audio files (3 minute | 4 minute | 5 minute)

* Many thanks to Lori Daniels, Claudio Cigna, Rodney Sanchez and Jan Zahradnicek for all those endless hours of dedicated and competent work. It was really a pleasure working with you!!!
And thanks to Arthur and the FPA board for their support, too!

Best regards,

Philipp (a.k.a. Sleepy Jammer)