2017 FPA World Championships Results

2017 FPA World championships
Udine, Italy
August 3-6, 2017

Women’s Pairs
1. Lisa Hunrichs/Bianca Strunz (75.6)
2. Sophie Rickers/Ilka Simon (65.8)
3. Lori Daniels/Anna Merlo (59.4)
4. Juliana Korver/Char Powell (51.8)
5. Silvina Porsch/Benedicte Audet (47.2)

With this win, Lisa Hunrichs becomes the first freestyler ever to win 20 FPA World Championships titles.
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Why I am Running for FPA Executive Director

Arthur Coddington. Photo by Bethany SanchezElections for the FPA Board are happening now, and this year I am running for Executive Director. I hope you will join me in building on the great work of freestyle athletes, event organizers and video producers worldwide to build our sport.

I believe the FPA is at a critical moment of opportunity. By shifting the organization’s focus toward greater inclusion, transparency and volunteer participation, we can build freestyle participation at all levels of play. By taking both a disciplined approach to representing freestyle and a creative approach to bringing the sport to the world, freestyle can reach new levels of participation and recognition, not to mention technical progression

If you are an FPA member, you should have received an email with a ballot link. If not, notify current FPA Executive Director Lori Daniels at lorizdisc(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can vote until December 17.

Read my full candidate statement below and all the candidate statements at freestyledisc.org.

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JAMpionsleague 2015 Nuremberg

JAMpionsleague 2015 Nürnberg/JAM2015-002Nuremberg Germany 24th to 26th of April
Our yearly HAT Tournament with Guests from München, Hamburg and Karlsruhe
We had great Weather for the Welcome JAM on Friday.
The Karlsruhe Jammer Robert Dittrich and former-Nürnberg Jammer Rafael von der Grün arrived first, followed by Tobias Gebert (also former-Nürnberg Jammer) from Hamburg with Family.  Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague01Lots of Jamming on the Green Carpet until the late evening.
Followed by Franconian Food with lokal Beers in the Town Center and of course,
the Historic Night Shred direktly on top of the town in the Castle.

Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague09  Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague08

Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague07

Saturday the Guests from Munich arrived with a short appearence of Markus Götz. We startet on the Green Carpet but the Weateher told us to use
our preferred Rainspot under the Bridge, directly behind the Green Carpet.Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague10Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague003
We had 6 Teams with Open Pairs and the Final with 4 Teams.
Awardceremony was hold at Anderland, companied by great food and lokal Beer.
Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague15 Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague14 Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague12 Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague13

Night ended with Jan Zverinas lead early in the Morning at the Bar Music Festival in the Gostenhof Quarter.
Sunday the Sun was back, we startet Jamming under the Bridge and then went soon to the Green Carpet with our Guests, when we found out that it wasn’t slippery anymore.
Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague006 Chris Bellaj-2015-JAMpionsleague02



Relaxing Jams for the hole Day till the Guests had to leave.
Thanks for the Great JAMpionsleague Weekend to our Guests an the Nuremberg Dreh.ag Team


6 Judges had to Judge only General Impression.

Pool A Open Pairs Semi-Final
1. Robert Dittrich/Daniel Nothaas 26,7
2. Nico Schwarz/Chris Bellaj 26,2
3. Rafael von der Grün/Ian Schwarz 25,2
Pool B Open Pairs Semi-Final
1. Daniel Weinbuch/Jan Zverina 29,9
2. Tobias Gebert/Udo Engeter 26,8
3. Toby Künzel/Katrin Schmeisser 26,3

Open Pairs Final
1. Robert Dittrich/Daniel Nothaas 33,8
2. Daniel Weinbuch/Jan Zverina 30,9
3. Nico Schwarz/Chris Bellaj 30,1
4. Tobias Gebert/Udo Engeter 26,5

2015 Paganello

2015 Paganello
Rimini, Italy
April 3-5, 2015

Pairs Final

1. Manuel Cesari/Balu Major (47,30)
2. Paul Kenny/Fabio Nizzo (46.5)
3. Dominique Weisenbergher/Marco Prati (45.7)
4. Fabio Sanna/Antonio Cusmà (44.6)
5. Reto Zimmermann/Joakim Arveskar (41.9)
6. Clay Collerà/Andrea Sarti (41.0)
7. Gianluca Giglio/Andrea Poli (31.5)
8. Steffen Verstichel/Pepyn Tavernier (30.0)

Co-op Final

1. Marco Prati/Paul Kenny/Balu Major (48.9)
2. Antonio Cusmà/Fabio Nizzo/Fabio Sanna (43.5)
3. Manuel Cesari/Gianluca Giglio/Andrea Poli (41.9)
4. Clay Collerà/Joakim Arveskar/Reto Zimmermann 41.5)
5. Andrea Sarti/Lorenzo Telò/Gianluca Bertoncelli 35.0)
6. Matteo Gaddoni/Steffen Verstichel/Pepyn Tavernier 31.3)
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Frisbeer Cup 2015

Frisbeer Cup 2015
Prague, Czech Republik
February 21-22, 2015

Co-op Finals
1. Marco Cega Prati/Balu Major/Paul Kenny – AI 15.9/EX 19.4/DIF 14/TOT 49.3
2. Fabio Sanna/Zanardi/Sascha Hoehne – AI 13.6/EX 18.6/DIF 13.1/TOT 45.3
3. Freddy Finner/Alex Leist/Manuel Cesari – AI 13.6/EX 18/DIF 13.6/TOT 45.2
4. Fabio Nizzo/Pavel Baranyk/Tom Leitner – AI 13.8/EX 16.4/DIF 12.8/TOT 43
5. Irča Kulišanová/Jakub Matula/Ondra Kolega – AI 10.3/EX 17.6/DIF 9.2/TOT37.1
6. Antonio Piccione/Andrea Ludergnani/Gianluca Guglio – AI 11.5/EX 15.4/DIF 8.5/TOT 35.4
7. Jakub Koštel/Lukáš Lacina/Jiří Weiss – AI 9.4/EX 12.8/DIF 10.5/TOT 32.7
8. Andreas Jaderyd/Jens Friebe/Robert Dittrich – AI 7.5/EX 13.2/DIF 10.7/TOT 31.4

Pairs Finals
1. Paul Kenny/Graf Mordi – AI 16.8/EX 18.8/DIF 12.9/TOT 48.5
2. Marco Prati/Antonio Cusma Piccione – AI 15.3/EX 18.6/DIF 12.3/TOT 46.2
3. Tom Leitner/Alex Leist – AI 13.6/EX 19/DIF 12.2/TOT 44.8
4. Jakub Koštel/ Pavel Baranyk – AI 12.7/EX 17.4/DIF 12.4/TOT 42.5
5. Freddy Finner/Fabio Sanna – AI 12.8/EX 16.6/DIF 11.9/TOT 41.3
6. Balu Major/Manuel Cesari – AI 12.4/EX 17/DIF 11.2/TOT 40.6
7. Toby Kunzel/Robert Dittrich – AI 11.4/EX 16.6/DIF 9.8/TOT 37.8
8. Sascha Hoehne/Emmanuele Faustini – AI 9.3/EX 15.7/DIF 9.9/TOT 34.9

Mixed Finals
1. Sophie Wolf/Toby Kunzel – AI 13.6/EX 17/DIF 11.4/TOT 42
2. Irena Kulišanová/Freddy Finner – AI 10.6/EX 16.4/DIF 12.6/TOT 39.6
3. Ilka Simon/Benjamin Edelmann – AI 11/EX 17.4/DIF 11.1/TOT 39.5
4. Anna Bragagnolo/Emmanuele Faustini – AI 10/EX 18/DIF 11.4/TOT 39.4
5. Bibi Strunz/Sascha Hoehne – AI 11.2/EX 15.5/DIF 10.8/TOT 37.5
6. Martina Solařova/Lukas Lacina – AI 6.8/EX 15.2/DIF 7.7/TOT 29.7
7. Michal M./Kalina Kasiliewska – AI 3.7/EX 8.1/DIF 6.6/TOT 18.4

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