How do the pros stay fit?

Other than jamming, which I have found to be pretty demanding on this old bod, how do the pros prepare for the unique rigors of our sport?
I think it would be useful for many of us to learn about athletes’ stretching and strengthening routines, in particular.
I’m all for swelling the freestyling ranks and would like to remain in them for as long as possible.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Jam Reports: January

In the spirit of Tall Pall’s All Star Thursday reports on the Jammers on the Net list, I thought I would open up a space to talk about what happened in your January jams. Brag about yourself, tell us about a big move someone else did, report on a perfect co-oping moment, or just tell us how good it feels to play in the middle of the winter.

Dave Lewis Song: Supercool (Step into the Jam)

I’ve gotten quite a few requests to post this song. I’ve been putting it off, but here it is. It’s a song I wrote about Freestyle Frisbee. About jamming. Pipo Lopez and I did our routine to this song at Worlds in Berlin. This is the full band version. I’m the band with my guitar, voice, keyboard and Pro Tools set-up. The harmonica solo is played by Laszlo Csizy.

Step into the Jam.


“Supercool (Step into the Jam)”
Lyrics & Music by Dave Lewis copyright 2006.

Looking for someone to jam with.

My name is Pi and I am living outside of Udine now. I would love to get info on jam session in the area. I lived in NYC for many years and played with the guys in Central Park. I am the guy on the cover of "Zen and the Art of Frisbee Freestyle". Respect,peace and happiness, Pi