Why I am Running for FPA Executive Director

Arthur Coddington. Photo by Bethany SanchezElections for the FPA Board are happening now, and this year I am running for Executive Director. I hope you will join me in building on the great work of freestyle athletes, event organizers and video producers worldwide to build our sport.

I believe the FPA is at a critical moment of opportunity. By shifting the organization’s focus toward greater inclusion, transparency and volunteer participation, we can build freestyle participation at all levels of play. By taking both a disciplined approach to representing freestyle and a creative approach to bringing the sport to the world, freestyle can reach new levels of participation and recognition, not to mention technical progression

If you are an FPA member, you should have received an email with a ballot link. If not, notify current FPA Executive Director Lori Daniels at lorizdisc(at)gmail(dot)com.

You can vote until December 17.

Read my full candidate statement below and all the candidate statements at freestyledisc.org.

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Taping on Your Nails

The right Two-Sided Tape can make nail maintenence a thing of the past.
Krazy glue, Super glue, and rubber cement, can be messy and high maintenance. The right two-sided tape is an alternate means of attaching your fake nails. 3M type VHB two-sided tapes are extremly strong yet simply peel off by rotating leaving no residue on your nails. A large surface area and well fitting nail works best. Great for students. White medical tape is still recommended in case of pop offs. The best tape i’ve found so far is 3M VHB #4905 20 mil x 1/2" available through speciality tape suppliers. Give it a try and you’ll never use glue again.