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How To Cuff

Cuffing is an essential part of a strong wind game. It’s also a fun way to play with disc angle and a skill people can learn early in their freestyle experience. In this video, Jake Gauthier demonstrates how to cuff:

Check out the alternate version of this video, filmed on smartphone technology instead of Jake’s fancy video camera.

(via Jake’s article at Heinsville)

Next step after learning the nail delay

What comes after the nail delay?
I started playing not so long ago but my (counter) nail delay is pretty good already. So what should be the next trick to learn? I thought of the under the leg nail delay hold. Any comments or recommendations?
Thanks in advance, Jan

The 360+ : in depth…

I’d really like to know some specifics about spins. What is the optimal foot movement for a quick and balanced spin? As it’s winter in Russia where i am from, i cant practice outdoors, and my indoor facility is pretty limited in height, so i cant catch a 720 without really quick movement. And anyway im having problems with maintaining position after two spins..

Any tips? I dont really have any projammers to ask around here 🙂