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the size of floor

Can anyone tell me what the dimensions for the tournament floor are at paganello? I’ve heard it’s a strange compromise to the sand and that it is not large. How big is it really?

FPAW2006: Day 2 Starts With A Hard Rain

After an amazing first day, only one thing could cool off the supernova that is FPAW2006 – rain. There was lightning in the sky as the second half of the Pairs Prelims began. By the time the Prelim was over, a gentle rain had begun to fall. Hours later, the skies opened up and rain poured down throughout the night. It is now about 9:30am, and the rains have stopped. Today’s competition will probalby start indoors to give the main field time to dry. With some luck, the Pairs Semis could be outdoors this afternoon. The bad news? More rain is expected for tonight.

Still trying to get the complete results from yesterday.


Hello guys,

I really need some help learning the turnover.
I know it’s a very advanced trick but I need to be able to do that.
Is there anyone who can give me good advice.

I’m clock right handed


Ask Yendor: Keeping The Z’s For Yourself


I have a question for you. I have never seen you, but I have heard about you, so I am sure you exist. You may have an answer to my problem.

I was jamming today and came upon a quandry. The jam with Arthur Coddington and Pat Marron was going well. We were passing the disc frequently and setting up a nice flow within the rhythm of the jam. Then Pat threw me a throw with the most unbelievable zzz’s where upon I flipped out!! I lost all sense of connection to the jam and lost all self control. I thought “I must keep these ZZZ’s to myself!! No one else can have these zzz’s!”

A list of all of the moves I could possibly do went through my head all at once. I did a very long combo. When I ran out of the zzz’s I kept brushing and rolling, kicking and rolling. If it were not for running out of grass and field I would have kept going for a lot longer. When I turned around, Arthur was taking a nap and Pat was making a cell phone call.

How can I control my selfish craving to keep all of the zzz’s to myself.

Or am I a lost cause? Am I a bad person?

Your humble jammer,