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Matt Gauthier Invents A New Catch: Moon Dog

At some point, Matt Gauthier imagined a new move: a cartwheel behind the head catch. He shared the idea with Jake Gauthier and me as we drove from Portland to Seattle on July 3 for Potlatch. Two hours later, he walked onto Green Lake’s fields and hit it. This video is the 2nd or 3rd Moon Dog ever:

The next day (and the day after), Matt caught Moon Dog in competition as part of his routine with Todd Brodeur.

There is a sequel, named before Matt caught the first Moon Dog.

The Hardest Moon Dog.

Matt doesn’t feel ready to try it. Yet.

2010 FPA Worlds Results

2010 FPA World Championships
Seattle, WA
August 5-8, 2010

Women’s Pairs Final
1. Lisa Hunrichs/Cindy Kruger (64.4) [video 1, video 2]
2. Amy Schiller/Caroline Yabe (63.4) [video]
3. Judith Haas/Irena Kulisanova (52.8) [video]
4. Lori Daniels/Sarah Bergman (51.4) [video]

Open Pairs Final
1. Matteo Gaddoni/Arthur Coddington (70.6) [video 1, video 2]
2. Dave Lewis/Dave Murphy (70.0) [video]
3. Matt Gauthier/Jake Gauthier (67.6) [video]
4. Paul Kenny/Randy Silvey (67.2) [video]
5. Clay Collera/Manuel Cesari (66.8) [video]
6. Dave Schiller/Tom Leitner (66.1) [video]
7. Jeff Kruger/Ryan Young (61.2) [video]
8. Pat Marron/Dan Yarnell (60.4) [video]

Mixed Pairs Final
1. Amy Schiller/Dave Schiller (74.0) [video 1, video]
2. Lisa Hunrichs/Dave Murphy (69.7) [video]
3. Lori Daniels/Jake Gauthier (67.5) [video]
4. Cindy Kruger/Matt Gauthier (67.0) [video]
5. Irena Kulisanova/Randy Silvey (64.0) [video]
6. Bethany Sanchez/Paul Kenny (56.5) [video]

Open Co-op Final
1. Clay Collera/Joakim Arveskar/Reto Zimmerman (72.3) [video 1, video 2]
2. Paul Kenny/Matteo Gaddoni/Jake Gauthier (70.1) [video]
3. Tom Leitner/Pat Marron/Randy Silvey (67.7) [video]
4. Dave Lewis/Dave Murphy/Todd Brodeur (65.7) [video]
5. Arther Coddington/Claudio Cigna/Matt Gauthier (64.7) [video]
6. Larry Imperiale/Bill Wright/Dave Schiller (62.4) [video]

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