2004 Virginia States Results

2004 Virginia States
Fredericksburg, VA
April 17-18, 2004
1 Rob Fried/Joey Hudoklin/Doug Simon
2 Toddy Brodeur/Alan Caplin/Rodney Sanchez
3 Rob Knapik/Bill Wright
4 Phil Cappa/Dale Crawford/Mike Mosher
5 Harvey Brandt/Tom Lasher
6 Bob Cooksey/Jack Cooksey
7T. Bryan Steffen/Ronnie Turner
7T. Jack Stanton/David Steger/Don Wallace
9T. Joey Cohn/Eddie Cohn
9T. Conrad Damon/David Hessleberth/Ken Reynolds
9T. Eric Wootten/Hunter Wootten
12 Merrill Detwiler/Rich Riley
13 Louie Cohn/Jennifer Griffin

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